9 Helpdesk

Sometimes the development of digital learning materials is difficult. Does a digital working method lend itself well enough to the objective? Is it accessible enough for your students? And how exactly do you use that particular application? Then it’s nice that you can turn to fellow lecturers or IT support to help you with your question.

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Consult your immediate colleagues

The most important source of information and inspiration are, of course, your immediate colleagues. They face the same challenges. Do you consult them first?

Knowledge bases and frequently asked questions

In addition to the information you will find here about distance learning, there are other knowledge bases and FAQs that you can consult online. Information about working remotely or using Office 365 can be found on HINT. For general information, please visit the Coronavirus Information Point of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Helpdesk for remote education

In addition to your immediate colleagues, there is a group of lecturers at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences who have experience with digital didactics and have signed up to help. In addition to preparing and giving their own lessons, they help colleagues with these kinds of issues. You can submit a case to them via the Helpdesk (called ‘Topdesk, self-service portal’) of the FIT service or by emailing your case to service@hr.nl stating ‘digital didactics’. In this Helpdesk self-service portal you can always see the latest status of your question.

Would you like to help your colleagues?

Anyone who has experience in conducting distance learning and wants to support colleagues online with the use of tools (including Microsoft Teams and FeedbackFruits) can register with us. Mail to corona.info@hr.nl with the subject ‘I would like to help’.

Service point for other IT questions

If you have general questions about the IT applications, the Service Point colleagues are here to support you. During this period, they are not physically present at the university, but you can ask your question via the Helpdesk (self-service portal) of the FIT service or send it to service@hr.nl. If needed, you will be called back to help you on your way.